Workout Supplements For Women – Introduction

How to choose the best workout supplements for women?

Searching for workout supplements for women without any knowledge around this niche is almost like an expedition unknown. A lot of research needs to be done before making a final decision of buying and using one. The whole process of collecting information and learning about it is quite long and exhausting, should appreciate any help with cutting down the research time. We decided to help women save their time with this manual, short guide or informational article (you may call it as you wish). So, let’s start.


Workout supplements for women classification

Workout supplements for women are dietary supplements and protein powders. That is the first classification. The second one is for workout needs so we have here pre-workout, intro workout, and post workout.

Pre-Workouts supplements for women – Basics

As you can guess pre-workout are dietary supplements (like designer steroids and protein shakes) are meant to be used 30 to 45 minutes before workout. Pre-workout supplements are strong in its formula to provide the best nutrition for the muscle itself. They are a powerful combination of proteins and other substances for muscle growth, strength, and endurance. Its function is to provide enough nutrients and to add more proteins so your body can build up lean muscles faster. The muscle fed and built this way are better in density and much stronger with a very low-fat ratio. Now when we know what pre-workout is made for we can make a step forward and do basics about intro workout.

Intro workout supplements for women – Basics

Introworkouts are protein shakes or supplements used during the exercising. Its role is to provide more nitrogen into the blood during workouts. This way your body will create more sparkles and create a lot more protein blocks. This method will result in fast lean muscle growth. Intro workout supplements and protein shakes can be with good or bad (high or low quality) nutrients and proteins which can determine workout results.

You need to avoid very cheap protein powders because there is no way good whey proteins in right dosage to cost under $20. If you add a good portion of fine quality Amino Acids. You will get the price of $30. Anything below this price can’t be a good quality dietary supplement in shake or pill. Intro workout supplement must have vitamin Biotin or B7 (H) to activate nutrients for maximal resorption. If without Biotin it will mostly be accumulated in your liver and kidneys and you will not benefit a lot from it. If Biotin included there are not proteins build up in liver and kidneys all of it will be used for muscle strength, performance, endurance, and muscle growth. This is something you must be careful about when choosing the right one.

Post workout supplements for women – Basics

Post workout supplements and protein shakes are used after workouts. This form of products is commonly known as fixators or rejuvenation products. Post workout nutrition may be the most effective way to keep what you achieve during the exercising. The main role of these dietary supplements is to feed the exhausted muscles.  Just created protein blocks will grow even after workouts if you boost muscle nutrition with post-workout supplement. As a matter of fact, this type of nutrition is good for joint rejuvenation. Each workout done hard lifting weights will create tension and damage on a cartilage, with post-workout nutrition you will help them cool down and rejuvenate a lot faster.

One of the most frequent questions among the women is related to the possibility of mixing up or use pre-workout, intro workout, and post workout supplements and protein shakes combined. They should not be mixed up, pre -intro-post must be used following that order.

You can use pre-workout shake and some supplement like intro workout or post-workout. It does not have to be the same manufacturer. The most certainly you should take a good look at a product before you buy it. There are some points to check out before making a final decision.

Workout supplements for women things to pay attention

There literally is a thousand of workout supplements for women available online and all of the manufacturers are claiming they have the best stuff for your needs. If you do not make a research before purchasing you can make a mistake and waste your money. We created a short as possible checklist any women should follow when trying to make a pick.

Check the ingredients list of workout supplements for women

Your so-called perfect pick has to be testosterone-free. As a woman, you should avoid any supplement or a shake powder containing the testosterone boosters. Testosterone is a male hormone in women estrogen is a dominant one. When intaking testosterone boosters you are putting your hormonal status in transition, and changing its hormonal structure. It is not small chance some of the male characteristics to occur. That can be hair loss, oily skin, hormonal disbalance, premature menopause, acne, breast reduction, deeper voice, and body hair. And that is why is so important to make it clear what is a product you will intake. Our recommendation for any women is to google the ingredient list, step by step.

Compare the ingredient amounts – You can pay more for less, have a good look at the measurement numbers. 0,8 g of something is not the same as 8 g.

Safety first – Check the product background before buying it. If athletes are using it you can do it too, because it means that is legal, safe, and efficient and it will pass on the drug test. Having FDA approval on a supplement or shake is a huge plus because it means it has been checked out for quality and safety by the federal drug administration.

Guarantee means a lot – The manufacturers are not crazy, so if they guarantee about the product efficiency you can go with it. Speaking of the manufacturers, our recommendation is to avoid products from China and to go local as much as possible. The USA and the UK has a lot of good brands like Blackwolf (pre, intro, and post workout supplements), Marine Muscle (US legal steroids), or Crazy Bulk which delivers to most of the countries, no place for the mistake with these verified supplements.

Hope our introduction article about workout supplements for women helped you getting at least some useful information.

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